How to transition from summer to fall with these skin care tips!

Welcome fall… cozy fires, PSL’s, sweaters and boots! But while we’re excited, your skin may be struggling with the transition. Combine cold weather with indoor dry heat, and next thing you know your skin is freaking out! As we head into the beginning of cold weather skin disasters… dry, itchy skin, redness, eczema… here are a few fall/winter tips that will take your sin from summer to fall.


The skin’s antioxidants can be completely depleted by summer’s end, so think about fall as a time for skin and body renewal after the heat of the summer. This means hydration has different benefits during fall and winter. Consider getting a will increase the hydration in the air in their home.


Fall is a great time to update your skincare routine. Consider discussing the Korean method of double cleansing. This approach is ideal before bed so they are washing away all the toxins. Double Cleansing products focus on first lifting dirt and grime, then washing toxins away, and are also helpful for acne prone skin and oily skin


Cooler weather means it’s time to beef up face and body moisturizers. Skin may be dry and itchy all of a sudden...make sure you are using products that soothe. Moisturizers provide a protective barrier and retain moisture.


Fall is a great time to start with fresh skin. Considera a peel treatment which leads to brighter skin, and provides the opportunity to start over as the weather changes. Benefits of a peel include: Dissolves dead skin and build-up, reveals brighter, fresher, more radiant skin, smooths, softens, and refines skin texture.