Have you been asking yourself lately, “Why am I tired all the time?”. We’re not talking about those afternoon slumps, a little bit of coffee fixes that! Chronic fatigue is a little different… sometimes, it has underlying causes more than just a lack of sleep. Keep reading for five reasons why you could be feeling tired all the time.

You’re not getting enough iron
If you’re feeling weak and short of breath, you could be running low on iron or even dealing with anemia. Without enough iron, the body has a difficult time transporting oxygen! If you’re taking preventative measures, increase your iron intake to prevent the onset of anemia… plus, a lack of iron can affect the skin’s glow. When working on a client’s dull skin, take their diet into account as well.

Unsurprisingly, chronic stress is likely the reason why you could be feeling tired all the time. Mental exhaustion can tire the body and mind keeping you restless at night… in other words, don’t create problems out of nothing! If there were a quick fix for being tired, we suggest you invest in trying to manage your stress.

You use electronic devices in bed
You may have heard that blue light can negatively affect your sleep quality, but honestly, we’re terrible at putting our phones away before bed! Everything from your laptop, tablet, cell phone, and televisions produce blue light, which can suppress your body from releasing melatonin, the hormone that regulates your sleep pattern.

Your thyroid is out of balance
If none of these symptoms seem to fit you, and you’re still wondering how to stop feeling tired, it be something physical such as your thyroid… when the thyroid is out of whack or underactive, your metabolism and energy use is effected. If nothing seems to be a quick fix for being tired, we suggest you visit your doctor to double-check.

Your diet is too high in sugar
You already know that we believe in the statement, “you are what you eat!” And in addition to affecting your skin, a poor diet can also result in fatigue… if you constantly eat high-sugar meals, too many refined meals like fast food, then your blood sugar will spike and fall quickly. You’re a skin care professional that is passionate about natural skin care, so use that same approach in your diet too.