We’ll admit it: we’re sugarholics. We love chocolate, pastries, desserts, and everything in between… it all tastes delicious, but we don’t always think about how sugar affects the body. From your skin to your mood, consuming too much sugar can definitely take a toll. When giving home care advice to your clients, be sure to remind them of these important side effects too much sugar can have on the body.

Sugar and your skin
Are there any negative effects of sugar on skin? You bet there is. The Cut called upon celebrity dermatologist, Dr. Frank Lipman, to get the info on sugar’s toxic side effects. He says that sugar actually breaks down collagen, which is the substance that makes skin look youthful and tight. So, if you’re providing skin treatments and home care for a client, their diet could be detrimental to any progress you make.

Sugar damages our minds
In addition to premature aging, a diet high in sugar can also lead to a risk of depression, anxiety and a lack of focus. Essentially, it’s that sugar brain fog we have all experienced. When one woman quit sugar for four weeks, she felt happier, more focused, slept better, and had more energy. Ok, reality check here… while a diet with absolutely zero sugar would be about impossible to achieve, remember that moderation is key.

The physical effects
One of the most well-known negative side effects of too much sugar is its link to obesity and Type II Diabetes. But in general, sugary foods just make you feel sluggish. Don’t forget that sugar also likes to hide in several foods, from soda and pastries, to fruits like watermelon, bananas, kiwi, and mango.

So what’s the takeaway? Challenge your clients to try and moderate their sugar intake for a few weeks. Believe us, they’ll be able to notice a difference in their mood and skin!