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These are not your typical froufrou spa facials. These medical-grade esthetic skin treatments are backed by science to provide results. Using only the best and purest form of botany-based skincare, TU’EL. Not all pores are alike, and each skin type should be treated with specific plant extracts to result in perfectly balanced and beautiful skin. All of these exfoliating treatments reveal a brighter, fresher, rejuvenated complexion. Results guaranteed.


Transformational treatments begin with accurately analyzing the skin. At the heart of the Tu'el treatment is a cleansing oil and herbal toner combo that draws out more dirt, makeup, and pollutants than any standard cleanser ever could. What you put on your skin dictates not only the health of your skin, but how it looks and feels. Simply put, if you wouldn’t put it into your body, you shouldn’t put it on your body.

Beyond the ingredients, there’s a process to beautiful skin. Each step serves a purpose and builds on the next: cleanse, nourish, treat, protect.

additional skincare add-ons



Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is amazing for helping your skin feel replenished and rejuvenated. The procedure will be followed by cooling ultrasonic waves which further helps introduce serums deep into the skin.



This includes a deep and powerful mechanical exfoliation of the skin, a deep dose of hydration followed by a nourishing and rejuvenating mask, serum, and moisturizer.



Dermaplaning is an extremely advanced & highly effective method of manual exfoliation that consists of using a sterile, surgical scalpel to gently shave off the top layer of dulling dead skin cells & fine vellus hair in order to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion.

Glycolic Peel +25

Perfectly balanced to refine the skin’s surface and visibly promotes cell turnover as aloe vera soothes and protects. Glycolic acid is known to tighten, brighten, and stimulate collagen while Panthenol, a pro-vitamin B5 conditions and heals.


ACNE TX   +15

This is a wonderful facial treatment for kids, teens, and adults alike who struggle with acne. Including a consultation, deep pore cleanse, enzyme peel, extractions followed by a healing mask. Sonophoresis helps introduce specialized products deep into the pores, making the extraction process much easier.

The QUick + Dirty Treatment 45

This is the perfect treatment if you don’t have the full time to be pampered but need a fresh face! This 30 minute treatment includes a cleanse, a light exfoliation including Glycolic Acid, followed by a nourishing mask and incredible protection products. Get ya in, get ya glowing, get ya out!

skincare series and programs


ready to take control of your skin? It’s time to start healing, nourishing, and treating your skin. with a strict home-care regime and monthly treatments we will work together to reach your goals. Wether you want to pre-pay for a series or do a monthly recurring program, we will getting you looking like a porestar in no time!

3 months 240

6 months 460

monthly membership 80



Don't be caught with dead skin!!!

Your initial appointment will be a complementary mini treatment and assessment and you receive the products Power Peel and Hydrate by TU'EL, on me! It is highly recommended that you have been using Power Peel and Hydrate for a least two weeks prior to the first professional treatment. The recommended series is one Glycolic treatment a week for three or six weeks, up to three times a year. benefits include: Dissolves dead skin and build-up, reveals brighter, fresher, more radiant skin, smooths, softens, and refines skin texture. Treatment requires initial skin analysis and consultation which is complementary!